Q: What is 100% BEEF?

A: "100% BEEF is a bimonthly adult men's publication, by, for, and about the celebration of mature, masculine adult men. We celebrate the natural beauty and unparalleled sex appeal of real, natural, mature adult males. Our models' bellies are more likely to hold a six-pack than resemble one. Our belief that masculine men of all sizes, shapes, ages, and backgrounds are beautiful and sexy is communicated in each issue through the writing, illustrations, photography, and the choices of men we feature as models.

Q: I heard that you guys still work for Brush Creek Media.

A: "No! We do not. Despite what you may have read, heard, overheard, or been told, we are not employed by, affiliated with or in any way, shape, or form associated with Bear Magazine or Brush Creek Media, except for the fact that we used to work for Brush Creek Media, Inc. the company that published Bear Magazine. Anything written or spoken to the contrary is false. Period. Many of the writers, photographers and illustrators who also formerly contributed to Bear Magazine now contribute instead to 100% BEEF."

Q: I used to subscribe to Bear Magazine. Can I get a refund, since they seem to have stopped publishing?

A: "If we could find a way to get your money refunded to you, we would. We are collectively owed tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid wages and expenses by Brush Creek Media as a result of our employment there, which we have been unable to collect ourselves. We understand your frustration."

Q: Why did you decide to publish a new magazine? Did the end of Bear Magazine give you the idea for this magazine. Or was it under consideration before Bear ceased to exist?

A: "Publisher Larry Woolwine and Editor Scott McGillivray had been talking about launching a magazine for some time. We came from publishing backgrounds. Publisher Larry Woolwine had published Big Ad and Heavy Duty magazines, and editor Scott McGillivray had edited several adult men's publications, the largest of which was Bear Magazine, until his resignation from Brush Creek Media in March of 2002. Certainly, some of the excitement surrounding the launch of 100% BEEF can be attributed to the fact that BEAR Magazine has not published a magazine in over a year. Mostly, though, it's creation stemmed from our desire to continue doing what we love to do after our departure from Brush Creek Media."

Q: How is 100% Beef different from the now-defunct Bear Magazine? Will you focus on more muscular men, or hairier men?

A: "100% BEEF will be compared to BEAR Magazine. We knew that going in, because we used to work at BEAR Magazine. (Scott McGillivray edited it for the past several years.) So, to deny those comparisons would be shortsighted of us. Our only real distinction from Bear is the liberation of shedding some of the "trappings" of BEAR's legacy, which often prevented it from featuring beardless men, or even larger, stockier, masculine guys who weren't necessarily hairy. We don't have to struggle with that big "What makes a man a bear?" issue, because 100% BEEF isn't exclusively about me who identify themselves as "bears". It's about men; masculine, sexy and beautiful. Granted, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And we dig stocky guys, bearded guys, hairy guys as much as anybody. Ultimately, we don't care if a guy identifies himself as a bear, giraffe, daddy, or uncle... if we think he's sexy, we'll consider him as a model. Size doesn't matter. What matters is that Bear Magazine's absence has left a large hole in the magazine market. We're filling that hole. And judging from the enthusiastic reaction we've received in our relative publishing infancy, it was a hole that needed to be filled. We're getting "Thank You!" letters left and right from folks who were hungry and eager for this material, and weren't getting it from the current crop of adult men's magazines or internet selections."

Q: Will the models be the same ones that appeared in Bear? Do you pay them? How do you find them? How many are professionals and how many are amateurs?

A: "If a guy is beefy, masculine and sexy... we'll consider him as a model for 100% BEEF. Whether or not a guy has appeared before in another publication isn't much of a consideration. Our photography and presentation of him will be original. We do pay models a small fee, and they get complimentary copies of the magazine they're featured in. Most are amateurs, as we're not really interested in "polish." Given what we pay models, they obviously don't do it for the money.

Q: If you don't pay much, why would a guy want to appear naked in 100% BEEF Magazine?

A: "Some guys want to give something "back" to their community. Other guys are exhibitionists, and they bust a nut knowing that thousands of men will jerk off looking at their pictures. And another guy might just dig the idea of being professionally photographed and "immortalized" in a sense, at a time when he looks and feels good about himself. Actually, one of the most rewarding aspects creating a publication like 100% BEEF is featuring guys who, for the first time in their lives, are feeling sexy enough to be photographed naked. These are guys who wouldn't, in many cases, have even considered taking their shirts off in public a few years ago. Now they're feeling good, sexy, and even confident about the attention they're getting. That's pretty satisfying, to help somebody to that level of confidence."

Q: Will there be many other contributors from Bear magazine moving to this new venture as well?

A: "Actually, yes. Most of my contributors from BEAR have come over with me to 100% BEEF. Columnists Chris Wittke and Luke Mauerman, illustrators Rolando and Brutus, plus many of the fiction writers and photographers who contributed to the success of Bear Magazine now contribute instead to 100% BEEF. Plus we've got a couple of newcomers. Frank Strona, who actually worked at Bear Magazine in its earlier days, writes a column for us, and Pornstud Steve "Titpig" Hurley writes a "Behind the Scenes" perspective for us about his work making porn. Makes for some interesting reading, don't you think?"

Q: Why are you based in Palm Springs instead of San Francisco?

A: "We live in Palm Springs. And, if we're to believe what we're told by friends who still live up in San Francisco, half the gay population up there is in the process of migrating to Palm Springs."

Q: Where did the name "100% BEEF" come from?

A: "We specifically chose the name 100% BEEF to avoid labels and to create for ourselves an identity which is original to what we're crating. Bear Magazine was an original; an original publication with an original name and an original idea. Its influence on gay culture is obvious and its legacy will continue to grow, even in its absence. That's pretty powerful! Out of respect for that legacy, and in the interest of pursuing our own identity, we established a single rule for our "What the heck should we call it?" decision. To avoid calling ourselves "Bear-something" or "Something-bear", anybody who uttered that single-syllable word got hit on the head with a rubber hammer, and their beer was taken away until they brought something new to the table. It had nothing to do with how folks identify themselves. It had nothing to do with other bear-titled businesses or publications. And it had nothing to do with the "bear community" at large. It's just that we're not Bear Magazine. Somebody else created that. We're 100% BEEF Magazine, and our name was inspired by the term "beefcake" which means different things to different people. Fur us, "beefcake" is about big, solid, masculine-looking men - many of the types of fellas who were featured in Bear Magazine before it went out of business."

Q: Where is 100% BEEF distributed? Is it available in Europe?

A: "We have domestic distributors, for bookstore and newsstand sales in the US. But we've already gotten lots of international subscription orders as well. So, yes... it's available by subscription to anybody, anywhere. As far as international distribution to bookstores... that's something we're working on."

Q: My local bookstore doesn't carry 100% BEEF, or it's always sold out when I get there.

A: "Naturally, the best way to ensure delivery of 100% BEEF to you is to subscribe. But, if you come across a store that either doesn't sell 100% BEEF or is chronically sold out of copies, drop Jayson a note at Jayson@beefmag and give him the name of the store, and the city where it's located. We'll see what we can do about getting the magazine to the store, or super-sizing their helpings so they don't sell out so quickly."

Q: I'm interested in modeling. Who should I contact?

A: "Best thing to do here is to drop us a letter - either via email or USPS - and let us know who you are, where you are, and that you're interested in droppin' your drawers for 100% BEEF. Attach a few pictures of yourself. We need to see full nudes. After all, it's an adult publication. We're sure that puppy of yours is adorable, but we don't need to see the cute pictures of you snuggling with it. Send a full nude front and back shot, and a good clear face shot. Hardons never hurt. Email them to or mail them to J&L Productions, PO Box 1344, Palm Springs, CA 92262. We'll let you know after we get 'em if we're interested in hooking you up with one of our photographers."

Q: I'm interested in writing for 100% BEEF. Who should I contact?

A: "Best thing to do here is to drop us a letter - either via email or USPS - and let us know who you are, where you are, and that you're interested in writing for 100% BEEF. Send us your idea, or your story. We're always looking for good fiction and illustration/photography. Editorially, we've got a pretty full roster now, so we're not looking for regular columnists. But that doesn't mean we're not interested in your idea, so send it in! Email them to or mail them to J&L Productions, PO Box 1344, Palm Springs, CA 92262."

Q: Have you considered producing a line of 100% BEEF Videos?

A: "We've been approached by video producers about this, but right now our focus is the publication."

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